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Day 1 – 21 September

11:00-12:00 Registration and Lunch

Opening of the First Nordic Food Forum

Moderator: Lasse Berre

Welcome speech by Marit Reitan, Pro-Rector for Education NTNU

Cooking in the Anthropocene – Recipes and opportunities for future catastrophes

Zane Cerpina – Curator and designer – Norway

Reimagining Protein: Policy and Enabling environment for Research in an Emerging Research Field

Acacia Smith – Senior policy manager – Good Food Institute Europe – Belgium

13:00-13:15 Break
Sustainable food systems for a healthy planet, people and bioeconomy

Deniz Koca – Sustainable food systems, Chairperson for LU Food Faculty – a university wide collaboration network, Lund University – Sweden

Kristina Widell – Solving the sustainable development goals through the food value chain EU-project ENOUGH, SINTEF Ocean – Norway

Mie Bjune Gjetend and Gisle Bakken – Sustainable food value chain, Norsk Kylling – Norway

Emilia Nordlund – VTT vision for the development of sustainable food system, VTT – Finland

Panel discussion

14:35-14:55 Break
Circular food systems to minimize food loss and waste

Giovanni De Grandis – Food waste reduction in Norway: from data collection to (collective) action? The ambition of the Food Waste Reduction Pathways and Index (PAX), NTNU, AFINO (Responsible for research and innovation in Norway) research network – Norway

Eva Nordberg – Circularity in the food system, Lund University – Sweden

Janna Cropotova – A new European project IMPRESSIVE – Improved Processing to Enhance Seafood Side Stream Valorization and Exploration, Associate Professor, NTNU – Norway

Claus Heiner Bang-Berthelsen – Using microbial diversity for valorization of side-streams, Senior Scientist, DTU National Food Institute – Denmark

Panel discussion

16:15-16:35 Break
Debate: How can we advance the transition to sustainable food systems?

A panel of different food actors and perspectives

Harald Sverdrup – Norwegian Food System in a Secure, Resilient, and Sustainable Nordic Region: A System Dynamics Perspective, Professor of Systems Dynamics – Game School, Inland Norway University – Norway

Damien Jourdan – Where is The Farmer? Hypothesis for the transition toward a distributed food system, Director of Open Innovation and Community animation – Danone – France

Susanna Winblad – Circular food systems – a regional perspective, Sustainability strategist – Region Skåne – Sweden

Kristine Rise – Working together for strengthening the food region of Mid Norway, Project leader, Oi! Trøndelag Foods and Beverages, Trondheim – Norway

Other panelists

Dr. Stefan Hellstrand – Nolby Ekostrategi – Kil, Sweden

Cindie Christiansen – Founder & Executive Director Foodprint Nordic Denmark

18:00-19:00 Break

A mini concert for the participants in the Nidaros Cathedral (Nidarosdomen) followed by a local food dinner at the Archbishop’s Palace (Erkebispegården) prepared by chef Bjørn-Erik Vangen.

(Map with Erkebispegården marked – The Nidaros Cathedral (Nidarosdomen) is closeby)

– Larger Map to the Nidaros Cathedral – Nidarosdomen
– Larger Map to the Archbishop’s Palace – Erkebispegården

Pre-registering due to planning for minimal food loss.

21:30-00:00 Networking @Sellanraa

Day 2 – 22 September

Unexplored resources and novel technologies for sustainable food

Federico Gómez Galindo – Emerging technologies for sustainable food processing, Professor, Lund University – Sweden

Eva Falch – Green technologies to increase utilization of food resources, NTNU Food Forum, NTNU – Norway

Kristi Ekrann Aarak – Exploring the change into Nordic raw materials from a company perspective. GC Rieber Oil – Norway

Emilia Nordlund – New production and processing concepts for alternative food ingredients, VTT – Finland

Panel discussion

Food Innovation Eco Systems /
Experiences from EIT Food and Industry

Janna Cropotova (sub-moderator) – Introduction

Justyna Kulawik-Dutkowska – The stakeholder collaboration model of EIT Food, Project Manager Legal Advice & Funding at EIT Food CLC North-East European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) Food – Belgium

Mirva Lampinen – Startup ecosystem building to Nordics with accelerator program EIT FAN, VTT´s Co-Creation Manager VTT – Finland

Short case presentations

Gustav Myraune – Local foodbox & logistics done in small scale business, fresh vegetables to consumers, RÅGO, Company – Norway

Marte von Krogh – Making public meals matter – how to transform the food system through capacity building in public schools, Matvalget – Norway

Education and capacity building for sustainable food systems

Bent Egberg Mikkelsen – Capacity building for the food sector, Professor University of Copenhagen – Denmark

Per Hansson – Capacity Building, Executive manager at the Department of people and society, SLU, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences – Sweden

Mirna Habuda-Stanic – The case of international student GREEN Conference, Professor University of Osijek – Croatia

Kari Helgetun Langfoss – Sustainable food from students’ perspective – dialogue with NTNU students, NTNU – Norway

Panel discussion

12:40-13:30Lunch Break
and walking to NTNU
Demonstration activities from research at NTNU
13:30-16:00Demonstration of PhD activities
(responsible: Sophie Kendler – PhD candidate), NTNU – Norway

Short session about joint activities for PhD candidates
16:00End of day 2

Day 3 – 23 September

Excursion (needs pre-registering):

Excursion to regional food industry, Norsk Kylling (poultry) and Skjølberg Søndre a local farmer and producer.

  • Norsk Kylling. During 2022 all chicken in the value chain of Norsk Kylling will be produced in accordance with the animal welfare requirements of European Chicken Commitment (ECC)
  • Skjølberg Søndre. A biodynamic circular farm for taste and diversity

Bus from Trondheim ca. 08:30 and back in Trondheim ca. 14:30 (lunch included)

The bus will depart close to Munkegata 1 (where Munkegata intercepts Bispegata)